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Monday, August 19, 2019

Vestiaire Collective finds 73% of women just can't spot a fake

73% of Australian women are not sure how to tell a counterfeit fashion item from a genuine piece, according to findings from a survey commissioned by designer re-sale site Vestiaire Collective. 



The survey, which consulted more than 500 Australian women aged 25-45, also found that 45% of respondents have been fooled into buying a fake item, while 63% have been tricked into buying a knock-off more than once.

The survey results also indicated that 43% of respondents were angry about how much money they had spent on a knock-off, while 18% of women were not able to reclaim any money spent on a fake, despite their best efforts.

According to the World Customs Organisation, in 2017 counterfeit goods accounted for approximately 10% of global trade, totalling US$1.2 trillion annually. The counterfeit industry is estimated to reach US$1.82 trillion by 2020.
Handbags and sunglasses are the most purchased counterfeit products, with 50% of respondents indicating that they didn't know that the items were fakes until after making the purchase.

Vestiaire Collective head of authentication and quality control Victoire Boyer Chammard said that there are four key signs that an item might be counterfeit.

A few tell-tell signs of a fake include:
- Material: The leather should feel like leather, take time to feel and even smell it.
- Typography: Check the logo, which is often a slip up area for many fakes.
- Stitching: Take a good look at the stitching, uneven or slanted stitching is a sign of a poorly made item.
- Serial number: Look for a serial number and ask to see proof of purchase if you’re buying online," she said.
Vestiaire Collective is a member of the Charter Against Counterfeiting on the Internet and campaigns to stamp out fakes from its APAC hub in Hong Kong.

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