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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Fashion Designer Creates DELECTABLE & Realistic Handbags

The 26-year-old designer,  Rommy Kuperus, makes incredible purses, necklaces, and bowties that look uncannily like real food.  Rommy has made bags that look like waffles, tortilla chips, and a plate of a hamburger and fries, too.

Each shoulder bag and clutch she sells is made-to-order by hand and expertly executed, justifying the €99 ($107) to €250 ($270) price tags.
Constructed out of lightweight foam, they feature hidden zippers that open up to a hollow center that can fit a phone, keys, money, and make-up.

Kuperus has made bags that look like a giant tortilla chip, steaks (both grilled and raw, still in the grocery store packaging), several types of pizza, a fried egg, an English breakfast, sandwiches, pancakes, sushi, and burgers.

Yum! RommydeBommy sells accessories that look remarkably like food
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