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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Attention Sneakerheads: Louis Vuitton Debuts A Sneaker Trunk

Any diehard sneakerhead will tell you that you can’t simply line up your kicks at the back of your closet. Thanks to Louis Vuitton, the most sophisticated way to store your sneaks has arrived: Their sneaker trunk. The storied fashion house is presenting its worldwide debut in Miami at the Savoir-Faire event on December 3, coinciding with Design Miami.

The hard-sided sneaker trunk is special order only. The piece is designed to fit at least six pairs of low-tops and eight pairs of high-top sneakers, up to a size 13 and 12, respectively. In the tradition of Louis Vuitton, the trunk is completely customizable and can be personalized any way the client pleases, meaning it goes beyond a simple monogram—you can get practically anything painted on it.

Of course, you’ll need something new to put in that trunk, so at the same time Louis Vuitton is releasing the global launch of their 408 Global Trainers from Virgil Abloh. The exclusive shoes are launching in just nine cities across the globe, in only New York and Chicago stateside. Diehards will know exactly where you snagged your pair because each has a different colored luggage tag: Chicago’s is bright orange and New York’s is dark blue. The latest sneakers and the trunk embody how Louis Vuitton is mingling street style with true craftsmanship and heritage.

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