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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

BAG BUYING GUIDE: Buying Preowned Handbags + Investment Handbags

Needless to say, authenticity is the most important factor of buying second-hand designer handbags and accessories. Nearly all consignment shops promise bag authenticity, however many of you have still been in the unfortunate position of having purchased a non-authentic bag from one of these trusted sellers. Though designer handbags have been around for centuries, the marketplace for pre-owned purses is still only about a decade young! The internet has a wealth of knowledge regarding designer handbags and accessories, but how many people are truly able to dedicate most hours of the day to understand the production trends of each designer brand? That's where Real Authentication comes in! We are here to do all the heavy lifting for you - we extensively analyze and cross check all engravings, textiles, font styles (and so much more) on your designer handbags to ensure your purses will be appropriately assessed. Don't find yourself at a loss; certify all of your preowned designer purchases and sales with a Real Authentication . . . because real is better!

Great discounts can be found by purchasing gently used designer handbags, but saving money doesn't have to be the only perk of buying pre-owned purses. An investment bag is known for its increasing value over time, and some, like the classic Chanel Jumbo flap bag are worth even more than gold! If you have the cash to spare and are looking for a secure investment (while indulging in some delicious closet eye candy!) investment purses are the perfect purchase. 

Carrie Bradshaw knew what she was talking about when she said...

When buying a pre-owned designer handbag it is important to consider the overall condition of the bag. Does the bag show wear or discoloration to any of the corners or edges? Does the seller mention any offensive odor or flaws to the bag? Sometimes consignment shops try to describe negative traits of their purses in more appealing ways, so be sure to examine photos carefully and read all descriptions thoroughly before committing to buy.  It's always safe to ask any and as many questions before plunking down money.

INTERNATIONAL IMPORT FEESPurchasing expensive designer handbags internationally via eBay or another platform may cost you an extra hefty fee! Import fees and taxes are only waived if purses being imported are marked as a "gift". Unfortunately, most international sellers will not offer this "gifting" as an option - it is technically not legal for them to do so. To pre-determine your designer handbags customs fee you can visit
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