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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Say whaaaaat - eBay Authentication Program




The eBay marketplace today (Thursday, January 12, 2017) announced the launch of a new in-platform designer authentication program called eBay Authenticate. Buyers will be able to list their items and also opt to have them authenticated by a trusted authenticator within the eBay platform. The sellers will then be required to submit the item to be authenticated prior to collecting funds for their listed item. The buyer does still maintain the right to pay for the item without an official authentication, however this new service is projected to have reasonable price points and therefore become a "no-brainer" for customers to opt for a proper authentication prior to purchasing.

Many online re-sellers like TheRealReal and selling platforms like Tradesy, Poshmark, and Amazon sell pre-owned handbags, shoes, jewelry and other accessories. They all allow consumers to buy high-end brands at a discount.. but generally at their own risk. This system has worked wonders for expanding the pre-owned designer resale market, however without proper regulation counterfeit goods have become rampant.
ebay-authentication Most resellers do authenticate the goods as part of their internal process to keep from selling fake handbags, shoes and accessories. Because the items are verified, consumers feel they can trust what they’re buying is truly authentic. This is a system of checks and balances the larger reseal platforms have not migrated towards - until now.

“We know that many shoppers may be hesitant to purchase high-end products online,” admits Laura Chambers, Vice President of eBay Consumer Selling, in the company announcement. “This service is designed to help quell some of those concerns – and in turn – enhance the opportunity for our sellers to get top dollar for their items,” she says.

As an online authentication company ourselves, we have always warned our clients to buy with caution and always authenticate before, or at the very least - after, purchasing any designer goods pre-owned. We love the precaution eBay is adopting with the eBay Authenticate Program, however if you do need an authentication today, please submit photos of your item HERE and we will get back to you within the same day of submitting! 

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ebay-authenticateeBay is currently constructing its new authenticate program, so fees for the service remain unknown. However, eBay is likely to charge difference prices for the service, depending on the item’s brand, size and origins. The program will be made available to all sellers in every category around the globe later this year, although eBay has yet to reveal an exact launch date. The company is currently running a pilot program of the service and will share further information later in the year.

China, and other countries in South-East Asia, remain the largest sources of counterfeit goods, with clothing, footwear and accessories being listed among the most copied goods. However online e-commerce platforms have been working hard to ensure their efforts against counterfeit goods do not go unseen. Earlier this month Alibaba filed a lawsuits against two vendors who were allegedly selling counterfeit goods, the first legal action of its kind to occur in China, a few weeks after US regulators accused the company of not doing enough against counterfeiters.
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