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Monday, October 10, 2016

Things just got REAL... Celebrity Stylist Claims the 'REAL GUCCI' Graffiti Handbag was Copied

Sonique Saturday, from Los Angeles, who has made a name and following for herself within the fashion world with phrases like 'Fake Chanel' written upon designer bags. Saturday responded after social media fans noticed a similarity between her known work and a the new Fall Winter 2016 Gucci line.

The Gucci tote (above) featuring the slogan 'Real Gucci', was first seen on the catwalk during the 2016 Fall/Winter Milan Fashion Week show.  

Sonique Saturday has been creating artistic designs on designer handbags for four years giving them an edge with slogans including 'Fake Hermes' and 'You fake as this Birkin bag'

Saturday even had words for the Italian company "Run me my money Gucci, I'm excited to have my original ideas on your runway." Sharing this with her 3,800 followers via Twitter. 

Sonique's designs sell for up to $220 and while the Gucci bag is not yet on sale, the brand's accessories can cost thousands.  As seen below, Amber Rose is one of many who have purchased Saturday's exclusive designs. 

In the end, Saturday was thankful for the exposure from Gucci and the fashion world.  

What are your thoughts on this?  Should 'Gucci' recognize Saturday for her original designs?


Melania Supports Her Husband in a GUCCI 'Pussy Bow' Blouse

We did it! We made it through the second debate!  ...but there was one important topic not talked about-in tonight's debates, Fashion!!

Melania, Donold Trumps wife, made it very clear that she was standing by her man at Sunday night's presidential debate as he took on Hilary Clinton in the second showdown of the election season.  This coming just two days after video emerged in which Donald could be heard making lewd comments about women.

'And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything,' Donald can be heard saying on the tape as he speaks with former Access Hollywood host and current Today anchor Billy Bush. 'Grab them by the p****.' 

Melania did not however speak to the press or comment about the debate on social media but instead made a larger statement in what she wore to the debate.

Choosing an interesting outfit for Sunday night's debate, opting to wear an $1,100 silk crepe de chine Gucci blouse with a 'pussy bow.'  Girl can rock a pink 'pussy' blouse by Gucci.   It has not been confirmed wether Melania's outlfit was on purpose but we can say it has gotten a lot of attention! What do you think Comment below!


Saturday, October 8, 2016

Woman Charged with Fraud by Elaborate Scheme of Buying Real Handbags and Returning Knock-offs

Praepitcha Smatsorabudh, 40, from Arlington, Virginia, was caught in the act of purchasing high end designer handbags from reputable sellers only to return a counterfeit handbag instead. Smatsorabudh would then resell the real bags purchased on e-commerce platforms racking up more than 1 million dollars in sales; netting all those profits.

Smatsorabudh was caught by a retail associate who became aware of the scheme.  Since being caught, Smatsorabudh has been charged with fraud and could face 20 years in jail after being accused of running the scheme, which authorities say targeted Gucci, Fendi and Burberry.  Police believe Smatsorabudh, sold the high-end products on eBay and Instagram to make even more cash.

Photo of fake handbags purchased by Praepitcha Smatsorabudhonly to be returned to retail stores for 
cash back keeping the real thing.

How it all went down.  Smatsorabudh would purchase the bags - some worth $2,000 and have them delivered to her home. Then she would drive to 12 different states to hand the counterfeit bags in to customer services in-store, prosecutors say. 
Investigators discovered that Smatsorabudh bought handbags every week between late 2014 and the end of 2015.
Most of the handbags are believed to be purchased  from dealers in China and Hong Kong. 
In an email to one of the knock-off handbag suppliers in September 2014, Smatsorabudh allegedly said: 'The best fake bag I’ve ever seen! Can you send me more ... from this factory. They make bag Implacable!

Authorities would not disclose which department stores were targeted. 
Smatsorabudh is charged with wire fraud and faces up to 20 years in prison.

Its just goes to show you cant trust even high end retail stores anymore.  Fakes really are everywhere!  It is very important to get your high end luxury goods authenticated no matter where they're purchased.  Get your handbag Authenticated by credible experts today! Click here


Is the Kate Spade Handbag White or Blue?

Well, the internet is at it again! But this time it's a handbag.  It all started with an innocent Twitter post that has gotten the attention of national news.  The original post was on Wednesday in which she was immediately complimented on her 'nice white purse'.

Does this photo fool you? This is the Kate Spade handbag that has everyone scratching their heads and even has keen fashion spotters baffled with the question: Is the bag white or blue?

Many took part in the debate:

Only leaving @whyofcorco, or Taylor Corso of the US to defend her post by adding another new photo along with the color by Kate Spade, Mystic Blue.

It even went as far as those with forensic skills to help the debate

 This brings us back to last year 2015 when it was all about the dress.  Did we ever figure that out?  Was it Gold and White or Black and Blue? 

In the end we may never know as we will always believe what we see.  So which color is the Kate Spade handbag, White or Blue?


Saturday, October 1, 2016

BAG SELLING GUIDE | Learn When It's Time to Sell Your Investment Bag

There are many reasons to sell designer handbags, but most often it comes down to money.. or bag space within your overflowing closet! Regardless of your reasoning, it's always nice to have a fresh start, and who could complain about recouping some cash from an old bag fling? There are many outlets for selling your designer handbags, purses and accessories, and just as many reasons why each bag outlet may or may not be a right fit for your purses.

There are a handful of consignment shops out there that buy designer handbags outright, but often bag resellers only offer consignment. Consignment means that you send your purses into the consignment shop and the consignment shop lists the designer handbags for sale on their website. Often the consignment shop will give you an estimate of what they anticipate selling the purses for, and also what their payout or consignment shops rate will be. A typical consignment shops rate is somewhere between 60% to 70% of the purses sale price. This means that once the bag sells, you will then be paid the pre-determined consignment shops percentage. Consignment will typically net you the highest return on your designer handbags, the only downfall is that you must wait for the purses to sell before you can be paid.

Unlike consignment only, many resellers of designer handbags will also provide a flat buyout offer. Usually this offer will be anywhere from 40% to 60% of what the seller anticipates they will sell the purses for on their end. In order to be a functional business, the reseller does need to make a profit, so don't be offended when the buyout offer may be much less than what you are seeing the purses listed for on their website. Though they may be taking a larger chunk of the overall profit from selling the designer handbags, they are also acquiring the risk and overhead that now owning the bag entails. Taking direct buyout offers from consignment shops that do offer this option is best if you are not able or willing to wait for the purses to sell on consignment. 

An additional option for selling your designer handbags would be to try and sell the purses directly to a customer yourself. Many sites, such as eBay and Tradesy allow you to list your designer handbags and sell directly to the next owner. This way to sell your purses is a bit more cumbersome than most prefer. As a direct seller, you are in charge of photographing the purses, writing an accurate description, answering any questions regarding the purses, and eventually even shipping the designer handbags once they do sell. The host site as well as monetary processing sites (such as PayPal) will take their percentage of your sale. This cut often amounts to around 10% of your selling price. Direct selling can be fun and and feel very rewarding, however more times than not, large handbag resellers can actually obtain a higher selling price for your handbags than you ever could selling the purses on your own. Many resellers provide a convenient and reliable shopping experience that their clients are willing to pay a little extra for.
As mentioned in the REAL AUTHENTICATION Buying Guide, all designer handbags are not created equal. Certain brands like Chanel, Hermes and Louis Vuitton never go on sale and rather than lose resale value over time, can actually increase in value! Value factors like color, silhouette and textile all affect the resale value of your purses. If the handbag is viewed as a "classic" or "timeless" piece, you are likely to get more for your purses than if the piece is really wild, funky or clearly screams "I'm from the 80's!" For more information on Investment Purses and how to buy designer handbags as an investment, please click here.

Shipping is an outlier than some may not even consider when selling your beloved designer handbags. Though most consignment shops do provide you with a prepaid shipping label, if you are an international client, often times you are responsible for shipping in full, half of the shipping cost or at the very least Customs Fees. If you are acting as a Direct Seller, charging the customer shipping for your purses may hinder your sale as online consumers typically gravitate toward Free Shipping.
Have additional questions?  We would love to hear from you! Contact us at

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