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Thursday, January 2, 2020

Gucci launches Mickey Mouse-themed collection for Chinese New Year

(Harmony Korine/Gucci)

Gucci has celebrated the upcoming Chinese New Year by releasing a Mickey Mouse-themed capsule collection.
The annual festival, which falls on Saturday 25 January this year, will mark the Year of the Rat.
Gucci has paid homage to the annual observance by creating a range of clothing and accessorises featuring Walt Disney‘s “True Original”, Mickey Mouse.

The playful, brightly-coloured collection intersperses classic Gucci pieces with new designs, and includes women’s and men’s clothing, shoes, jewellery, watches, leather bags and sunglasses.
Gucci announced the launch of the range with a playful campaign, shot by photographer Harmony Korine at Disneyland Resort in California.
The campaign stars actor and Gucci ambassador Ni Ni, actor Earl Cave and designer, stylist and poet Zoë Bleu, capturing them as they enjoy the rides and spectacle of the amusement park.
In one of the photographs, Ni Ni poses alongside  Mickey Mouse wearing a red floral silk ensemble, wearing a bag over her shoulder embossed with an image of the cartoon character.

In a press release, Gucci states that the “colourful energetic imagery” of the campaign photo shoot looks like photographs you would find on holiday postcards.
“The eclectic, surreal spirit of today’s Gucci is perfectly at home in the fantasy world of Disneyland,” the fashion house adds.
A “key” aspect of the range, the Italian fashion house states, was the development of a new material, the “Mini GG Supreme canvas with Mickey Mouse print”.
“This print has been introduced in reference to a House fabric from the ‘80s, and the original design, colour and look has been reproduced with high-definition digital printing,” Gucci says.

Items in the range that feature the Mini GG Supreme canvas material include handbags, shoes and luggage, while the theme has been developed in several different sartorial styles across the women’s and men’s clothing.
Other pieces in the collection include silk accessories, a baseball cap, a fedora hat, a Gucci Grip watch and “special sunglasses for Chinese New Year that reference the colours used in the rest of the collection”.
The range will be made available to purchase online and in-store from Friday 3 January.
Last summer, Asos teamed up with Disney to launch clothing collection inspired by the live-action remake of The Lion King.
The range featured a variety of clothing ideal for festivalgoers, including waterproof jackets and Simba-themed bucket hats. oa here


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