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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Is the Kate Spade Handbag White or Blue?

Well, the internet is at it again! But this time it's a handbag.  It all started with an innocent Twitter post that has gotten the attention of national news.  The original post was on Wednesday in which she was immediately complimented on her 'nice white purse'.

Does this photo fool you? This is the Kate Spade handbag that has everyone scratching their heads and even has keen fashion spotters baffled with the question: Is the bag white or blue?

Many took part in the debate:

Only leaving @whyofcorco, or Taylor Corso of the US to defend her post by adding another new photo along with the color by Kate Spade, Mystic Blue.

It even went as far as those with forensic skills to help the debate

 This brings us back to last year 2015 when it was all about the dress.  Did we ever figure that out?  Was it Gold and White or Black and Blue? 

In the end we may never know as we will always believe what we see.  So which color is the Kate Spade handbag, White or Blue?


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